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Owned by a husband and wife team with passion for creativity and being our own boss.

 To fill a needed service, we <MJ and Steve Stieler> wanted to bring our online business to the beautiful streets of Townsend, Montana. We found the perfect building in town to call our second home. Built in 1905, we renovated the building inside and out with our own vision and design and turned it into a classy and tasteful women's fashion shop. Like the beautiful mountains and lake in the valley, we want to make everyone feel welcome and beautiful with our fashion and contribute to the town being prosperous.

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Lolo Pogi is here to provide a service to every kind of woman with fashion trends that accentuate her outer beauty and inner youth.
Get to know us and get inspired.

Our horse Rain aka the Rainmaker.

Our horse Hesper 

Our horse Hesper, the little piglet.

Our one eyed 15 year old lab, Montana.

Our one-eyed 15 year old shop lab, Montana.




Lolo Pogi means "Handsome Grandpa" or "Good Looking Grandpa" in Filipino. Our late father, Florentino Laforteza was nicknamed Lolo Pogi by his 10 sons & daughters (MJ is the 10th child) and many (30+) grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His memory stays with us through the branding of his name. We miss and love you so much Lolo Pogi!



Gunner (the chocolate lab) was one of two shop dogs at Lolo Pogi who loved people and was a big teddy bear.
R.I.P. Jan 2, 2008 - Feb 1, 2022.
We miss and love you so VERY much Gunner! Your paw print will never leave our hearts.
Montana (the yellow) has been the solo shop dog and she loves people, too. Thank you for all the love you all give to her when stopping in! It's been really good for her.



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