What Rise Are You?

We often get many questions while shopping for jeans, so we've done some research that is fun and interesting about rises. We carry all these rises!

For me, I'm 5'1" which is exactly why I absolutely love high rise jeans! I don't like belts too much and since I'm always bending around in the shop, my pants will never drop if I am wearing high rise! My butt isn't very big and my legs are short! More reason to wear high rise for a petite woman like myself. Ha.

If you can't get into the store, online shopping for jeans is tricky. You'll have to consider things like rise, length, waist and hip size and how they'll fit with the type of shoes you'll wear (flats, boots, heels, etc.). 

Read on about rises. You'll be glad you did.

Know your rises.

Low Rise


  • Often worn to display more skin around the hips, waist, and stomach
  • Sitting pulls them down farther, so they may cause underwear to show

Good for:

  • Women with long legs who want to elongate their torsos to create more balanced proportions
  • Women with long hips who want to visually cut them in half
  • Women with flat abs who want to show them off

Mid Rise


  • Most common rise
  • Stays up without requiring a belt
  • Generally the most flattering rise on everyone

Good for:

  • Women who want more coverage around the stomach
  • Women who want to elongate their legs
  • Pretty much everyone!

High Rise


  • Tends to feature long zippers
  • Won't fall down no matter how much bending over you do
  • May dig into your stomach

Good for:

  • Anyone—but especially petite women—who wants to elongate their legs
  • Women who want to visually shorten their torso
  • Women who want to make a statement with their pants
  • Women who want to emphasize their butt

Credit:  Groupon

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