The Woman Professional

One of my biggest supporters and inspiration comes from my very own mother. She has always been tough, very opinionated, judgmental and stubborn in her unique ways, but she has a lot of values we can all appreciate. Everything she had, she worked so hard for whether it was selling produce at the market in a third world country, harvesting rice, all along raising ten children and being a caretaker for many years including taking care of my father, Lolo Pogi until his final days. She is the toughest and most resilient woman I have ever known. Besides being a homemaker, she is the #1 fashionista in my life. Even through the toughest times in our family (and I promise you this is true), she never failed to wear blush or lipstick, or be underdressed at any time of the day. She always looks confident and it shows through her smile and her appearance. That's inspirational to me when one can still show the beauty she's given no matter what she's going through. I love that about my mother. She's just beautiful and she is my beloved woman professional.


  • Cheyenne

    When I wear my Lolo, I feel amazing. It brightens my day, it’s a lifestyle. Thanks Lolo!

  • Roberto

    Touching, moving and inspirational. Lolo inspires me to live well and say it with the perfect outfit.

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