Take Care of Your Clothes and It Will Love You

Today, I received a new style (so cute!). First thing that came to mind was "what are the care instructions?". I worry because I personally will not be taking care of these fine pieces. You will be, but here's my story. If you've been an avid shopper most of your life, you've probably stayed away from "dry clean only" because I know I do for obvious reasons...too expensive to care for! You won't have to worry about me offering dry clean only clothes, but I will advise you to love your clothes. One thing I do stand proud of is that I truly care about my clothes. Not emotionally, what I mean is I take to heart how I clean my clothes. I have been handwashing every piece of delicate clothing that I own for at least the last decade and a half of my life, RELIGIOUSLY. It's the best way to keep your clothes in mint, MINT condition. In reality, your clothes do not get that dirty. You can wear a nice top or sweater at least twice depending on how long you've worn it, if you wore perfume or if you recently ate at an open grill restaurant. I hand wash my delicate clothes with Woolite, a little more expensive, but why ruin your clothes when you've spent a decent amount of money on it? The delicate cycle on a washing machine WILL RUIN YOUR CLOTHES. It just doesn't need to be washed, wringed and dried for over an hour. Simply use cold, cold water (I use gloves) and hang dry (that's under two minutes in wash and rinse!). Get in the habit of collecting your clothes for about two weeks and you can have a hand-washing party every couple of weeks. Your clothes will love you for it (and your pocketbook).

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