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This week I expressed connections and I wanted to talk about what I learned today. After 8 years of not being in touch, I found out the wife of an old friend of mine recently passed from cancer, she was only 32. I was sad and my regret was that I wasn’t there for my friend, I really wish I was. My heart sank with overwhelming grief as I lost my father a year ago to cancer and I miss him every single day. This boutique is named after his nickname “the Handsome Grandpa”. After a long year of feeling lost and not knowing how to move on, I decided to launch this boutique because I know it would be something that would make him proud ,that I can be happy again doing what I love and most importantly he will always be right here with me. I know my family will support me and share the joy in this dedication. So, in writing, I dedicate Lolo Pogi to “The Lolo Pogi” in my life. For my dear friend, time will heal, hang in there. For everyone else, as we are home and thinking about our family’s safety, pause and think about others outside of your immediate circle. Be there for them because your presence would mean the world.

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