Quarantine Burnout

I didn’t feel well yesterday, I’m a bit better today. The long days of working for my corporate job, working on Lolo Pogi and my balancing my personal life became one entity with no separation, no end. Fatigue finally settled in, my body ached and distress overcame me. Instead of being at our workstations through the evening or on the couch with our laptops, we decided to go back to our usual routine pre-Covid where we spend the last two hours unwinding in bed before shut-eye and I read a book or catch up on things I didn’t get to that day. It’s Day 1 of the routine and I feel great about it. I lay here and hear the quietness of the house, the ticking of the clock and the faint sound of the train that still runs to provide our goods. I have missed this! It’s now been five weeks into quarantine and I believe it was a burnout that could have gotten worse. As we see things start to have less restrictions in certain areas of the states, I see a better horizon for us all. This is me saying wow, what a journey this has been and I’m hoping everyone can take a step back, reflect and start getting back into some routine in your life. Mental stress will take a toll eventually, rest my friends and take it easy.

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