One Focal Point Will Do

When I get dressed, I think about my whole outfit, from top to bottom, making sure that I balance my look. I don't want to wear a very fashionable top with fashionable jeans, then rock it with heels that will turn heads. Then to make it more gaudy, I should never wear big earrings with a large fashion necklace. If you're filming for a reality show taken in L.A. (Housewives of L.A.?), maybe that might work if that's the look you want to portray. Not me. If you have a very flashy top with a print that stands out, wear a simple necklace that won't take away from your top. You want to keep to one focal point of your outfit. Let's say you have a new pair of red shoes that you know will get some attention, pair it with a dress that's subdued. I love clothes and shoes so much that I show them off by wearing simpler jewelry such as a nice teardrop necklace or pearl earrings. My point is let your outfits rock on its own, don't let all your pieces compete with each other. You'll look more put together and not look like you've tried so hard to dress to kill. Keep it simple and balanced...just like anything else in your life.

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