It Feels Like Spring Finally

When Spring comes around, I get so excited with the array of colors, the light green ends of tree branches indicating new growth and the feminine colors of blossoms. I enjoy walking our dogs and admiring these, at the same time I think about changes in fashion. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll understand Spring means busting out in shorts when it’s 69 and sunny because we’ve been in a snow globe with rain and overcast for months and months. It could also mean tomorrow, it will be 59 degrees, with some rain and overcast per usual so a raincoat is always in order. My point is the weather can be doom and gloom most times, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing my white capri crop jeans and open toe sandals, wearing sheer kimonos that flows ever so slightly as I walk in the breeze and wearing soft pastels, bold yellows and greens. I’m just admiring the weather change. Let’s also not forget Mother’s Day is around the corner. There might be a Mum’s Day Sale in the works. Good night friends and talk soon.

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