Cocktail Hour, a Distant Memory

With the current situation (the "c" word), we've all been affected one way or the other. It saddens and worries me at the same time to think about the devastation everyone of us are experiencing, some worst than others. I appreciate the hard work of frontline essential workers that continue to support our nation, some losing their jobs and some lucky enough to still have job security during this time while working from home. I'm one of the luckier ones, for that I am truly grateful. Although I miss the cocktails during happy hour and the good conversations over some excellent tapas, I appreciate local small businesses doing their best to still provide take-outs. I always tip big knowing every little bit counts. Just making the connection through smallĀ conversations with the servers brightens their day. I am hoping this all gets better soon. For now, I'll enjoy home madeĀ mangoĀ mojitos (with fresh mint from my garden!). Cheers!

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  • Roberto

    I too love mango (virgin) mojitos! See you on the back deck at 5.

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