Are Leggings Pants?

Leggings have always been my comfortable traveling pants, on a plane or on long drives. Of course, that isn’t possible these days. However, during this pandemic, leggings have been my #1 STAY HOME, WORK FROM HOME fashion. I have super skinny legs, so I’ve always thought it wasn’t flattering for my body type. I’ve come to the realization that leggings aren’t just the “millennial fashion”, but are indeed the new “pants” and my low confidence in the girth of my calves and thighs are now a pastime. My brand is all about comfortability and being carefree, feeling youthful and being chic so YES, leggings are the thing, ladies, no matter your body composition. You can wear them under a skirt, under shorts, under tall boots, with ballet flats, even under jeans (for extra warmth). My favorite is “yoga-like” leggings where it has a tummy control feature (goes well over your hips and muffin top) and where you can do those poses without showing that “coin slot”. I’ve had my share of these coin slot images which are distracting in class because it’s either hilarious, or just plain gross. There are other benefits to leggings especially for ladies that have an ass that turns heads <rawrrrr>. Leggings also have been popular since the 50s when Audrey Hepburn sported them in a 1957 film so it’s not a new fashion trend. Would you now be caught in sweatpants? They are so 90s and face it, unflattering. The possibilities of styles are endless so continue wearing leggings as pants and continue turning heads, wherever your adventures take you.

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